My Background

Having a passion for taking pictures 

since purchasing the first camera. Being inspired by the love 

of our home town, Cambridge, Ontario. We've photographed various subjects, scenes, and moments.
There's a picture around every corner.


Photography as Communication

We are surrounded both by natural beauty 

and interesting people. 

Using the camera to document surroundings 

and print images with a focus 

on the magic we find in daily life.
Our pictures tell your story. 


Sharing Stories

Through our prints and photo books, 

we invite you to bring bits of your stories 

into our photography. 

Sign up for updates to get notified 

about new prints or books, sales, and shows.
Your pictures are our commitment.




Jysin Miller Photo & Motion provides clients with professional photo shots and framed photography from both our fountain of images and/or predetermined  pictures. Photo & Motion offers portrait photography, on site photo shoots, videography and full detailed edits in both photo & video (motion).

Announcements & events

You will have the pleasure of witnessing pictorial on-site events and celebrations once you subscribe to our site. 

Services will announce sales and bargains with framed product. 

We'll personally keep you updated as to the current events being attended.


Photo & Motion has a large social media presence, including;
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- YouTube
- Google

Please feel free to add your testimonials and/or endorsement to our 

Google business page or any other of our social media pages.

Promotions & deals

Throughout the year, holidays, birthdays, weddings & anniversaries, 

we will be promoting offers that suits your needs.
Your need of a staff photo shoot or commercial video promotion 

will be answered with Photo & Motion.
Whether it be for purchasing your memories or print on canvas, frame or commercial video, we will have the deals for you.


Once you have subscribed to Jysin Miller Photo & Motion, you will have highlights to our upcoming events plus photo/video shoots within the region.
All our product details will be mentioned and promoted through our marketplace website such as canvas, framed photos, video media and more.


If you have questions, we have answers.
Please, do not hesitate to contact by email, text or phone. 

We will do our utmost to reply back as prompt as we can.
Jysin Miller Photo & Motion

Our Colleagues